First appearance 1.14 ("Jeremiah Crichton")
Last appearance 1.14 ("Jeremiah Crichton")
Species Acquaran, presumably Sebacean
Known Family Rokon (son)
Portrayed by Deni Gordon

Neera was a manipulative and ambitious Acquaran priestan. As a result, she was aware of the priestan caste's secret use of the sacred book Timbala, distorting the truth of the Hynerian Empire's place as deities rather than merely sovereigns in an effort to keep the Acquarans ignorant and the priestans in power.

In this regard, Neera tried to gather more power to herself by pressuring her son Rokon to marry Lishala, the daughter of the village's Grondeer or chief. The arrival of John Crichton, however, threatened this plan and she urged her son to get rid of Crichton. When Ka D'Argo arrived to recover Crichton, Neera was instrumental in turning the village against him and Crichton and later, after the revelation that Rygel might be the Masata, the Acquaran savior that would take them from the planet, Neera pushed forward the ceremony that would have the Hynerian alive. By this point, however, the crew of Moya had discovered the truth behind the planet's power dampening nature: a device left behind by the Hynerian Empire. From this and Rygel's reading of the Timbala they pieced together the priestan's part in continuing the Empire's repression. Crichton eventually exposed this when he discovered and deactivated the device. With the truth known, Neera lost her position as priestan. ("Jeremiah Crichton")

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Rokon): I'm talking about rule of all of this! And you can't even master the heart of one foolish girl? You will do whatever is necessary to insure that no one stands between you and our families' destiny.
  • You see? This stranger - this Crichton - infects us like a parasite. Already he brings more evil into our midst.
  • It's the stranger that disrupts our peace! And now his ally, this man-creature, threatens our very safety!
  • The sacred Timbala does not command us to wait! It states without question: "By the hand of the Masata, shall he rise and lead us to the light." Rise and lead us to the light! Rise up and lead us to the light!
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