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Neeyala will do anything to save her research.
First appearance (3.03 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a")
Last appearance (3.04 "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Wait for the Wheel")
Gender Female
Species Pathfinder
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Pathfinder vessel
Weapon of Choice Pathfinder poisonous barbs
Portrayed by Victoria Longley

Neeyala was the head scientist of a wormhole research crew. She appeared outwardly female and one of the oldest of the crew.

Neeyala first appeared to be a competent and quite intelligent female, driven by wormhole research, willing, yet aloof.  In time, her true ruthlessness shone through. She was willing to sacrifice anything in order to ensure the completion of her mission, including Moya and her own crewmates. However, it was her attempt to spare the lives of Moya's crew which led her into a too-complicated scheme, which eventually fell apart.

When she ran out of options, she attacked John Crichton with her poison quills, but was foiled by Jool's scream, which allowed Crichton to kill her.


Near the end of her last appearance, Neeyala told John that part of her ship, which her species could find and track, was fused into Moya's superstructure.


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