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Nerri fights the good fight
First appearance (2.18 "A Clockwork Nebari")
Gender Male
Species Nebari
Affiliation Nebari Resistance
Known Family Chiana (sister)
Portrayed by Simon Bossell


Nerri was the older brother of Chiana, an outcast Nebari, and a leader of the Nebari Resistance.

In their younger years, Nerri and his sister chose to be different by leaving their homeworld of Nebari Prime and seeing the galaxy. They were surprised to find that their planet's government, the Establishment was willing to give them transport off of the planet along with a free "medical examination". In fact, the Establishment had infected them with a contagion that would be spread throughout the galaxy through sexual contact.

For two cycles the siblings lived throughout the Uncharted Territories, doing whatever it took to get by and doing a more than adequate job of spreading the contagion. It was in this time that Chiana learned much in the ways of lying, stealing, and seduction, some of which Nerri disapproved of. Even so, he made sure to provide for her as much as possible, though there were some skills Chiana had to teach her older brother as well, such as cinching his shoes.

Two cycles after leaving home, Nerri discovered the contagion when he made contact with a dissident within the Nebari government. The contact was able to provide Nerri with an effective, albeit painful, cure which Nerri soon shared with his sister.

At this point, Nerri was forced to make a painful choice. Knowing that his knowledge of the contact's identity would make him a target for the Establishment, Nerri convince Chiana that they must part ways lest she become a target as well. Reluctantly, the siblings parted, though they still shared some connection with the life discs in their bellies.

Now alone, Nerri would go on to become one of the main leaders in the Nebari Resistance, fighting the agenda of the Establishment with the probably ultimate goal of overthrowing their oppressive government.

Soon after Chiana's arrival aboard Moya, her life disc died, indicating Nerri's death. She mourned him and was later surprised when two members of the Establishment, Varla and Meelak arrived searching for her brother. They revealed that Nerri was in fact alive, leading the Resistance in attacks against Nebari freight convoys. Meelak later revealed himself to be one of Nerri's operatives, having infiltrated the Establishment. He provided Chiana with a recording made by her brother which explained his current mission as a Nebari freedom fighter. Though Chiana desperately wanted to see her brother again, Nerri had given Meelak strict orders not to bring her to him, both because it would endanger her life and the Resistance. Chiana was devastated when Meelak left her behind, but John Crichton told her to hold on to the knowledge that he was alive since it was "more than [she'd] had yesterday."

It's likely that Nerri continues to lead the Resistance, fighting the good fight.


  • We will see each other again, sister. I swear to you we will.