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Niem--A Scorpius Groupie?
First appearance (1.19 "Nerve")
Last appearance (1.20 "The Hidden Memory")
Nickname(s) Peacekeeper Barbie
Gender Female
Species Sebacean (assumed)
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unlikely
Known Family Unknown
Weapon of Choice Aurora Chair
Portrayed by Imogen Annesley


Looking for Crichton in all the wrong places.

Niem was a special assistant to Scorpius, first encountered by Moya's crew at the Gammak Base. She operated the Aurora Chair during the interrogation of John Crichton at the hands of Scorpius and Bialar Crais. She later led a search party when Crichton escaped. Her actions and whereabouts after the escape are unknown.


Whether by order or by practice, Niem was nearly silent in the execution of her duties. During Crichton's interrogation and torture, she even remained expressionless. Throughout the remainder of the series, Scorpius had other female assistants aside from Niem, believed to be medtechs. All seemed to be proficient with Scorpius' cooling rods. It is not clear if Niem was either a security officer or a medtech, or even both.


  • The nickname Peacekeeper Barbie has been loosely applied by Scapers to other female assistants in the service of Scorpius, all of whom were dressed similarly to Niem.