Empress Novia
First appearance 2.11 Look at the Princess - A Kiss is but a Kiss
Last appearance 2.13 Look at the Princess - The Maltese Crichton
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Breakaway Colonies
Known Family Katralla (daughter), Clavor (son)
Portrayed by Tina Bursill

Empress Novia was the ruler of the Royal Planet which was settled by the fabled Sebacean Breakaway Colonies. She was mother to Prince Clavor and Princess Katralla. To ensure that her daughter Katralla ascended to the throne instead of the conniving Clavor, she blackmailed John Crichton into marrying her daughter by threatening to turn him over to Scorpius who had followed Moya's crew to the Royal Planet.

Novia was a shrewd leader who knew how to take best advantage of any given situation but she had her blind spots. She was not shrewd enough to know that Scorpius could outwit her when it came to John Crichton. She briefly turned John's care over to her trusted servant, the unstable ro-NA. ro-NA had been corrupted by promises from Scorpius if she turned John over to him. Novia also turned a blind eye to her son's machinations with the Scarrans to steal the throne from his sister Katralla. She could not believe that that her children coul take part in that kind of behavior.

Under duress Empress Novia could lose her cool. After John married Katralla and was turned into a statue and then beheaded, Novia threatened to execute all the off-worlders on the planet who came to celebrate the wedding of Katralla. Crichton was eventually resurrected in one piece and Novia regained her cool. Being a practical person, Novia agreed to let Katralla's true love, Elkar Tyno, become Katralla's husband when it was discovered that John could not be made into a statue a second time.


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