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Now there's a familiar face.
First appearance (4.17 "John Quixote")
Last appearance (4.17 "John Quixote")
Gender Male
Species Ogre
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations Husband of the princess
Weapon of Choice Gigantic ax
Portrayed by Lani Tupu

The Ogre was the fictional alter ego of Bialar Crais, in a mental video game-like device designed from John Crichton's memories. He was an axe-wielding monster who was married to the false princess alter ego of Aeryn Sun. The Ogre had a huge amount of strength and was easily able to wield his giant axe. He also loved destruction, would happily kill anything for fun, and was skilled in battle. His violent ways gave him a terrible reputation among the other denizens of the game, and most expressed fear of his reprisals for any stepping out of line.

Believing Aeryn's alter ego to be the princess he was to kiss, Crichton and Chiana engaged the Ogre and a pair of his minions in battle. Though the Ogre seemed to be more than a match for Crichton, Chiana was able to defeat her opponents in time to throw a knife into his neck. Crichton finished him off with a final slice of his sword.


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