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An Orican was something like a cross between a holy woman and a wizard. Only female Luxans can become Oricans, and it was an honor granted to few. Somehow, through copious study of ancient tomes and mystic potions, an Orican learned how to exert her will in order to change the physical world around her, giving her an incredible amount of intensely powerful magical abilities, stronger even than Delvian Pa'us. Little could stand up to the might of a full-powered Orican; even pulse rifles and Delvian psionics were powerless before them.

Oricans were, however, few and far between. Nilaam, an ancient Orican, sought Ka D'Argo's assistance in helping her pass over to the other side. Even at her extreme age, Nilaam demonstrated incredible power, capable of reaching into D'Argo's chest with her bare hand and leaving no mark; reading his mind, his past, and his very soul like an open book; and hurling him bodily through the air as though he were a rag doll.

After linking herself to Moya's life energy through the Ritual of Renewal, Nilaam was rejuvenated to a much younger and stronger age, and demonstrated astonishing extents of power. She threw magical fire at John Crichton, bent the trajectory of a shot from a pulse rifle, and froze both Crichton and Aeryn Sun inside crystalline cocoons. ("Vitas Mortis")

Oricans also had the power to heal by speaking a rhythmic incantation, and possessed the knowledge of various rituals that could bend the existence of space-time itself.