Orrhn Pak
First appearance "Fractures"
Last appearance "Fractures"
Gender Female
Species Hynerian
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Transport pod
Weapon of Choice Knife
Portrayed by Voiced by Alexandra Fowler

Orrhn Pak, a female Hynerian, was a Peacekeeper prisoner. She claimed that she was imprisoned was because she refused to pledge allegiance to Dominar Bishan. In reality. she was a soldier. During the time that she was imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, she was chosen along with the Scarran Naj Gil, the Nebari Hubero, and a Boolite, to be part of an experiment to test a new Peacekeeper weapon. However, when Naj Gil overpowered a Peacekeeper tech, she and the rest of the group took advanatge of the opportunity to escape.

They were taken aboard Moya. Here, she made a deal with the Peacekeeper tech in order to secure her freedom. She was going to assist in the capture of ex-Peacekeeper prisoner Dominar Rygel XVI in exchange for her freedom. She broadcasted signals to the Peacekeepers so that they could come and retrieve her and then release her in accordance with her deal.

However, her attempt to escape Moya with Rygel led to both the Tech's death as well as her own when Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo came to Rygel's rescue, the crew breaking into her stolen transport pod and allowing her to be sucked into space while grabbing Rygel as he flew out himself.

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  • Orrhn was the first living Hynerian other than Rygel to appear on the series, though the remains of one appeared in "Family Ties", as well as the only female Hynerian to appear on screen.

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