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Size matters not.
First appearance (4.09 "A Prefect Murder")
Last appearance (4.09 "A Prefect Murder")
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Age Unknown

Paroos was an alien priest of indeterminate species that the crew of Moya encountered on a planet while in Tormented Space. At first he was led into conflict with Chiana due to her indiscretions for which he believed she should seek forgiveness, whereas she disagreed.

Due to his awareness and understanding of his planet's new laws, Paroos was able to be a force for peace. He was trusted by Gaashah and by extension argued he should be trusted by his son as well. However following the murder of two clan leaders and the massacre undertaken by Aeryn Sun while under the influence of E'Alet's sgabba flies the peace he'd worked for was in danger.

Paroos was then instrumental in helping not only to determine the truth behind the deaths but also in preventing Crichton and Aeryn from killing each other while under the flies' influence. In the end it was Paroos who killed E'Alet.


  • Banishment is lenient for your indiscretions.
  • What I give is great consequence.
  • Should've let the bugs eat your hide.


  • The design for Paroos was based on Father Jack from the UK's Channel 4 series Father Ted. For a comparison of the characters a picture can be found here. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.2)
  • The Creature Shop developed a new flying rig for Paroos that would have been adapted for Rygel for the fifth season. The seat was designed to look like the "Grim Reaper" in profile, and Paroos used his arms to control it. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.2)