Pathfinder was the collective name given to a species encountered by the crew of Moya.

The Pathfinders were a bipedal humanoid species from an unknown region of space. Little is known of the Pathfinder species including the location of their Homeworld, space or general domain if concurrent with normal space at all.

Pathfinders ranged in colour from green to yellow-gold to blue with varying patterns of contrasting colours.

Their skin appears hairless and smooth and when encountered by Moya, the crew of their ship wore customary matching uniforms.

They possessed a unique biological defensive weapon in the form of needle slits on either side of their heads. Facing forwards these slits could be opened when angered and release a number of poisonous needles at speed into a victims flesh. The tips of these defensive needles were some kind of natural metal/mineral that most likely enabled the tip to puncture skin and possible weak armour.

The Pathfinder species appear technologically advanced, even compared to native advanced species in the Milky Way such as Peacekeepers and even Scarran. Their ship was outfitted with technology that was beyond John Crichton and the crew of Moya.

The Pathfinders were very resistant to getting translator microbes and indicated that they resisted because it was alien and that there were rules against contamination.

The crew of the Pathfinder vessel were self-proclaimed scientists, using their ship to study wormhole so much so that the majority of the ship's systems were built with wormhole study first and foremost.  If the ship failed to return to their home, the crew's families were executed.

Other than Peacekeepers, John Crichton and a few select species and individuals native to Normal space in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Pathfinders were the only species with any extensive knowledge on wormholes and understood them partially enough to traverse them without being destroyed, although collisions did happen. ("Self-Inflicted Wounds - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a", "Self-Inflicted Wounds - Wait for the Wheel")

Einstein was aware of the Pathfinders and was surprised to find a Leviathan inside a wormhole rather than a Pathfinder Vessel. ("Unrealized Reality")

Notable Pathfinder Members[edit | edit source]

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