Known UnitsEdit

Melkor's SquadEdit

A five-member unit assigned by Captain Crais to track down Moya. Located and boarded the Leviathan during the crisis with the Draks.


  • Lieutenant Melkor - Leader
  • Sergeant Kyona - Possible second-in-command
  • Three unidentified commandos

Larraq's SquadEdit

An elite unit originally consisting of eight soldiers assigned the highly dangerous and vital mission of tracking down and capturing an intellant virus. All members perished during the mission.


  • Captain Larraq - Leader; Final virus host; Killed in destruction of Marauder
  • Lieutenant Hassan - Second-in-command at the time of boarding of Moya; Likely scientific background and possible unit medic; Killed by virus-infected John Crichton
  • Thonn - Killed by virus-infected Larraq.
  • Sergeant Rhed - Killed by virus-infected Thonn.
  • Four unidentified members killed prior to boarding of Moya.


Specially trained operatives versed in areas of assassination, infiltration, sabotage, and espionage. Work under the Peacekeeper Special Directorate.


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