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The Penetrator is a powerful Luxan warship that belongs to the Luxan Commando unit. Small and well armed, the ship specialises in 'hit and run' tactics, typified by the ship's boarding of a Scarran Command Ship during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War. The ship can attach itself with a small tube to the hull of another ship. It then cuts a hole in to the other ship so it can unload its soldiers.

Luxan PenetratorBOARDING.jpg
The Penetrator latching on to an enemy ship

The Penetrator was capable of both space and atmospheric flight. Unlike a transport pod, it could travel for longer distances due to a higher fuel capacity.


The exact dimensions of the vessel can only be speculated but it does appear to be capable of holding at least 20 personnel.

Weapons / Defenses

Luxan PenetratorBLASTER.jpg
The Penetrator was equipped with 2 Heavy Pulse Cannons mounted on each of the wings, which can be rotated to fire upon targets on a planet's surface.

The ship is equipped with a deception shroud that renders it invisible to both scanners and the naked eye and a defensive energy shield. Its cloaking technology was much better than Lo'La's because it was generations more advanced and had no trouble flying next to a Scarran Command Ship without being detected.

Luxan PenetratorATMOSPHERE.jpg
The Penetrator during atmospheric flight


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