Love at first bite
First appearance (4.16 "Bringing Home the Beacon")
Last appearance (4.22 "Bad Timing")
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations War Minister Ahkna
Vehicle of Choice Scarran Stryker
Weapon of Choice Himself
Portrayed by Jonathan Pasvolsky and John Adam


Pennoch is a high ranking Scarran soldier and the lover of War Minister Ahkna. He often appears in the service of Ahkna or Emperor Staleek and can often be seen at their side or carrying out their orders. He accompanies Ahkna to her meeting with Commandant Grayza on a dead Leviathan and commerce center. He later assists in the capture of Aeryn Sun when her pulse rifle proves to be ineffective against his thick hide. He is also present at the meeting and devastation at Katratzi. Soon afterward, he is sent on his final mission by Emperor Staleek. In command of a Scarran Stryker, Pennoch heads for the wormhole that leads to Earth. When the Stryker arrives and enters, however, Crichton has already begun to collapse the wormhole. The Stryker is caught in the implosion, destroying the ship and killing Pennoch as Ahkna listens helplessly.


  • "Disengage! DISENGAGE!"
  • (Pennoch's final words): "Emperor! Crichton has turned the wormhole against us. WE WILL NOT-"



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