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Pewnkah was a widely used derogatory term meaning "low-life."

When D'Argo and Lo'Laan Tal had settled on Havenik and begun farming, a merchant in the market told them that the way he stayed "well-respected is not to deal with filthy alien pewnkahs!" D'Argo reacted by beginning to enter a state of hyper-rage before Lo'Laan calmed him down. ("A Many-Splendor'd Thing")

Later, when Lo'Laan was pregnant with Ka Jothee, Tijo commented that "this good Sebacean woman's gotten 'erself knocked up by this filthy alien pewnkah Luxan type gennleman, she 'as!" ("Brotherly Hate")

While searching for D'Argo on 7-Hetch-1-Bralk, Macton Tal spoke under his breath, referring to Kris W'Lash as a "filthy pewnkah of a bureaucrat," before being interrupted by Sergeant Ravan. ("The Long Tenka of the Law")

During D'Argo's trial for the murder of Lo'Laan, Admiral Josbek referred to the situation with the Peacekeeper Judicium by noting that "Too many Sebaceans are consorting with Aliens. Lieutenant Tal's sister even procreated with this Luxan pewnkah. It needs to stop." ("Error and Trial")

Kcrackic asked Rygel and Zhaan if they'd seen a ship, "run by a pewnkah named Staanz." ("The Flax")

When dealing with Kitrap, Ka D'Argo referred to Kitrap's three minions that had been killed as "pewnkahs." ("If You Can Be an Idiot, I Can Be an Idiot")

After Rygel had been captured, Bishan proclaimed to Hyneria that "a filthy group of pewnkahs, led by a Luxan/Sebacean halfbreed abomination and a devious Nebari tralk, attempted a coup, but they were unable to overcome the glorious forces of Hyneria." ("Dungeons and Dominars")

When Sikozu told Crichton that she was coming with him and headed back to Moya to help cure the Whaela'an virus, she called Grunchlk a "filthy pewnkah." ("Together Again for the First Time")

In an unrealized reality, Aeryn Sun referred to a doctor, Rola, who was treating Talyn Sun as a pewnkah. ("Call in the Murines")

When Aeryn Sun was fighting off Ell-Varr rebels on Kam-Varr, Haast told her to help her put down the "Ell-Varr pewnkahs" or get off of Kam-Varr. ("In Search Of...")

Later, when Crichton and Tal were hunting down Roiin near Baxx, Tal referred to Roiin as a pewnkah. ("Baxx in the High Life Again")

Back on Moya while studying the books of Yemahl, Aeryn Sun thought about how those she had "met on Prybella were manipulative pewnkahs." ("Refractions of the Way Life Used to Be")

After becoming Peacekeeper Commandant, Aeryn Sun reflected back on Josbek being Crais' commanding officer and how much of "pewnkah of a hardliner" he was. ("Getting the Band Back Together")