First Pilot.jpg
Defiant to the end
First appearance (2.06 "The Way We Weren't")
Gender Female
Species Pilot
Affiliation Moya
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Moya
Portrayed by Melissa Jaffer and a team of puppeteers
This article is about the first Pilot aboard Moya. For other uses of the term see Pilot.

Bio[edit | edit source]

As Chiana discovered shortly after coming aboard, Moya's current Pilot was not her first. Her first Pilot was a female member of the species who had bonded with Moya 23 cycles before the Leviathan's escape from Peacekeeper captivity. She was with Moya when the Leviathan was first captured by the Peacekeepers.

While in captivity, Pilot refused to cooperate with the Peacekeepers. This became a problem when Moya was selected as a test subject for Captain Crais's secret project. Knowing that gaining her cooperation would make the Leviathan follow suit, Lieutenant Velorek, one of the project's leads attempted to reason with her while simultaneously following Crais' order to find and secure a replacement Pilot should the current one fail to be persuaded. After locating a replacement, Velorek attempted to convince Pilot one final time to no avail. Crais interrupted him, however, and upon learning that a replacement had been found ordered Pilot executed. She died in a hail of pulse fire, two cycles before Moya's eventual escape.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You Peacekeepers, subjugate us! Torture us! And now you expect us to cooperate with you? YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE COVENANT BETWEEN LEVIATHAN AND PILOT!"

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

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