Pilot Rovhu.jpg
Pilot could use a hand... or an arm
First appearance (3.06 "Eat Me")
Gender Male
Species Pilot
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Rovhu
Portrayed by Team of puppeteers; Voiced by Sean Masterson
This article is about the Pilot aboard Rovhu. For other uses of the term see Pilot.

Rovhu's Pilot was bonded to her while the Leviathan was under Peacekeeper captivity as a prison transport. After the convoy came under Scarran attack, the ship's lone prisoner, Kaarvok, took over and used a device to "twin" the Peacekeepers aboard, eventually degenerating them into a savage, almost mindless clones that he coined the Xarai. The Xarai began to eat the Leviathan and cut off Pilot's arms, eating them as well and continuing to cut them off any time they grew back. In order to maintain control over the Leviathan, Kaarvok also slashed Pilot's neural pods, weakening his link with Rovhu.

Pilot's isolation and constant horrific abuse greatly traumatized him. By the time a transport pod with John Crichton, Ka D'Argo, Chiana, and Jool stumbled across Rovhu, her Pilot was nearly catatonic, but became quite distressed when he noticed Crichton for the first time and pleaded for death. Through his babbling he was able to recount the ghastly things that had happened to him and those aboard Rovhu. Crichton was able to calm him somewhat and, believing that Kaarvok had killed all of his friends, decided to help Rovhu by hooking the Pilot back into the Leviathan. As he worked, however, an unknown assailant entered the den. As Pilot screamed for Crichton, the intruder impaled him in the head. Pilot's screams abruptly stopped and the poor creature was finally at peace.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Please... kill me.
  • ...They're eating me!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rovhu's Pilot is voiced by Sean Masterson, who was in charge of the team that controlled Moya's Pilot. He would provide the voice on set during the first three seasons which Lani Tupu would later overdub in ADR
  • Unlike Elack's Pilot, Rovhu's seems to use a standard Pilot puppet, with the arms removed.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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