Skin colorWhite
First Appearance(2.17 "The Ugly Truth")
DistinctionsYellow fluid and boils mark the face

Plokavians are bipedal and known from their ugly features and foul stench. The faces of older Plokavians look like they are melting, and running sores drip off them unnoticed. Plokavians are known as weapons dealers, specializing in shatter grenades, Novatrin gas (one of the six forbidden cargoes that Leviathans must not carry), seismic disruptors, and dampening nets. Because of this, they are indirectly responsible for the enslavement of many races, including Stark's. Plokavians who witness the same event will all present identical accounts with no subtle variations for individual perceptions, being unable to accept the idea that other races will note some details more than others and therefore regarding any contradictions as lies rather than mistakes. They are great believers in justice and extreme punishment. To execute criminals, Plokavians use “dispersal,” which separates the body's molecules and blows them away.

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