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Ponara is under pressure
First appearance (4.05 "Promises")
Nickname(s) (4.05 "Promises")
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Anja Coleby


Ponara was a Peacekeeper weapons expert who oversaw the development of a Leviathan-killing missile along with fellow Peacekeeper Rinlo. Unlike Rinlo, she believed that a Prowler needed to be equipped with the missile as she surmised that it was the only ship that could get within an effective firing range. Rinlo disagreed, believing the missile too unwieldy for a Prowler.

Ultimately, due in part to pressure from Commandant Grayza, Captain Braca accepted her conclusions, dismissing Rinlo and flying the missile-equipped Prowler himself on the mission to kill the Leviathan Moya. In the event that the missile worked as advertised, Braca promised her a medal. Ponara supervised his flight under the withering gaze of Grayza.

When Braca located Moya, he discovered a second Leviathan with it. Unsure of which was Moya, Braca pressed Ponara for the answer. Seeing one Leviathan dead and the other alive, Ponara believed the dead one to be a decoy and recommended Braca fire on the living Leviathan. The missile itself appeared to be a success as it detonated upon impact. A moment later, however, the dead Leviathan powered up. The crew of Moya had deliberately shut her down to make her appear dead, making the false ship a more appealing target. Moya escaped again, causing a furious Braca to order Ponara to the detention block for her failure. Grayza overruled him, however, sending Ponara to a much less pleasant fate in the Aurora Chamber.


  • (About the missile-equipped Prowler): "My simulations indicate that a skilled pilot could manage it."