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Pulse rifle

Aeryn Sun brandishes the standard Peackeeper pulse rifle

Large pulse rifle

Aeryn fires the larger model of the pulse rifle

A pulse rifle is a Peacekeeper weapon. It fires bolts of yellow or red energy significantly bigger, more charged, and overall more powerful than pulse pistol. Pulse rifles use Chakan oil cartridges for ammunition; there are no shells. The rifle can be set to overload, causing a large explosion relative to the amount of ammunition remaining. There is a mount on the top, where a scope can be attached. A laser sight can also be attached.


  • A pulse rifle is a full-sized rifle, more powerful than the Peacekeeper pulse pistol, and more accurate at longer distances, 1 foot 8 inches in length, and 10 inches in height, with sight. Maintained fire can penetrate Scarran hide. It holds a larger chakan oil cartridge than the Pulse Pistol, and comes stock with a telescopic sight, top mounted. It has a fully automatic option for continual fire. It is equivalent to an assault rifle. The maximum amount of shots it can fire is 1500.
  • Frag handheld-long-barreled cannon - It is a full-sized rifle, more powerful than the Peacekeeper pulse rifle, and more accurate at shorter distances. It fires like a shotgun. It fires in semi-automatic, one powerful pulse at a time. Its rate of fire is slower than a pulse rifle but has more stopping power than regular firearms. Fire from a frag handheld cannon can penetrate Scarran hide, and even shoot down small attack craft. It holds a larger chakan oil cartridge than the pulse rifle.
  • Heavy pulse rifle ("sling rifle")- Heavy pulse rifles are typically carried by at least one member of a Peacekeeper strike team, usually the biggest and meanest of the bunch. Some soldiers do not like these weapons, as they are so heavy they require a sling and the soldier must essentially shoot from the hip, throwing off one's aim a bit. Still, a skilled soldier carrying this weapon is enough to strike fear into the heart of even a hardened adversary. (Aeryn is usually shown carrying one.) Its ammo capacity is 30 rounds per cartridge. It can shoot 3 shots per round.
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