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The Qatal mollusk was a strongly connected organism that was not meant to be at all separated when consumed. If two or more subjects were to split up a single mollusk, the individuals would form a connection similar to the mollusks, able to physically feel every sensation that the other subject did. This would only last for a short time, however, as the presence of the separated mollusks would soon become toxic and kill both subjects.

The crew of Moya all ate the mollusk as a form of blackmail by Dr. Tumii, a way to commence the first part of their new business arrangement. Tumii explained that in order to rid themselves of the mollusks they had to orally ingest the urine of the person they were linked with, and D'Argo's protest is cut off by his... arousal. Noranti, and so D'Argo, orgasms, and then D'Argo goes and headbutts something to knock her out.

Tumii continued to explain the cure, and saying that after ingesting the urine you and the linked one must touch bare flesh, so the bacteria could migrate. D'Argo asked how much bare flesh, but hands will suffice. "One more word of techno-babble and I'm gonna cut your tongue out!" John interrupted. D'Argo left to go and try out the cure, while Aeryn assured Tumii that if it didn't work, he was dead.