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The Qualta Blade in Rifle Configuration

"When the final days come, Luxans believe that the Qualta Blade will lead us to freedom." - Ka D'Argo

A Qualta Blade was a traditional Luxan weapon, a broadsword approximately three and a half feet long, made of an unknown heavy and durable material. It also had the ability to be converted in to a rifle, more powerful than the standard Peacekeeper Pulse rifle. Perfectly balanced, tipped, and double edged, the blade was about five inches wide, and two inches thick at its widest. After transformation the hilt of the blade became the stock and grip, the blade split to become the muzzle alignment with the energy charge firing chamber between them at the rear of the muzzle. There was no sighting scope or scope attachment meaning the gunner sighted along the edge of the blade portion.

These weapons could also be used in the piloting of Luxan warships and appeared to be necessary in order to operate at least several designs of Luxan crafts like D'Argo's Eradicator.

The blade carried by Ka D'Argo was passed down to him by his great grandfather. He generally carried it everywhere in a scabbard attached to his back. It was also used to deactivate the self-destruct sequence on a Luxan fighter craft that D'Argo had salvaged. The ship nearly destroyed Moya when its security systems activated which force D'Argo to prove his worthiness (his Luxan heritage) to pilot the craft. The Qualta Blade was one of the three Luxan relics it demanded for identification.

There appear to be a myriad of designs of Qualta Blade as the blades used by Jothee and his commandos have a different configuration than the weapon used by his father. While D'Argo's sword had the pulse rifle assembly mounted near the center of the blade requiring the sword blade to split open to be used, those of the commandos did not. Their Qualta Blades seemed to have pulse rifle barrels that ran alongside the sword blade meaning the actual sword portion essentially didn't move or change for rifle operation. D'Argo described his Qualta Blade as being a family heirloom used by previous generations of his family.



At the 2003 Scapercon in Rosemont, IL, actor Anthony Simcoe (Ka D'Argo) likened the combination of the Qualta Blade and D'Argo's ship to the Excalibur, the mythical sword of Arthurian Legend.