Qujaga surface

Tormented Space

Primary terrain

Planet-wide ocean

Native species
Major cities

Eidelon hidden city


Qujaga was a pelagic planet and home to the Eidelons, a race that lived there in secret. The crew took Moya there to help heal her temporary separation from Pilot. The planetwide ocean had a number of chemicals and nutrients that aided in healing of Moya and Pilot's bond.

Though the planet appeared to be uninhabited, a ship soon appeared and shot the boat containing Aeryn Sun and John Crichton in it, crystallizing its occupants. The crew of Moya learned that the ship came from a nearby island, which was hidden by a concealment canopy, a type of cloaking device that surrounded the island and protected its inhabitants. The crew of Moya eventually convinced the aliens that they were not a threat and aided them in recovering Aeryn and Crichton's crystallized remains.

60 solar days after they were crystallized, the aliens reanimated Aeryn and Crichton with the help of a Diagnosan. Noranti discovered that the aliens were Eidelons, an ancient race once known for their unequaled ability in creating peace. Their presence was also discovered by the Peacekeepers thanks to an apparent link between Scorpius and his neural clone Harvey.

When the Scarrans discovered the Eidelons' abilities and the Peacekeeper's interest in them, they sent a fleet to the planet, attacking the Eidelons' once hidden island and slaughtering all they found. Qujaga was eventually destroyed by the gravitational forces of Crichton's wormhole weapon, shortly after the surviving Eidelons have been evacuated.

Qujaga destroyed

The wormhole weapon destroys Qujaga

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