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Raelee Hill
Born October 24, 1972
Brisbane, Australia
Height 5'3"
Spouse(s) David P (? - ?) 2 children

Raelee Hill is an Australian actress who joined Farscape in its final season to play Sikozu. She had originally auditioned for the role of Grayza, but the producers created the role of Sikozu for her instead. She made her debut in the Season 4 premiere, "Crichton Kicks" and appeared in virtually every Season 4 episode, as well as the mini-series. Despite being a regular, she was only ever credited as a guest star.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Prior to joining Farscape, Hill was best known for her role in the harbour-based crime series Water Rats and she also appeared in a number of episodes of Neighbours. After Farscape she has continued to act in film and television, including a small role in the Australian-filmed Superman Returns.

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