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Lieutenant Reljik
Reljik doesn't like guests
First appearance 3.20 "Into the Lion's Den - Lambs to the Slaughter"
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Vehicle of Choice Command carrier
Portrayed by Sean Taylor
"We shouldn't be welcoming these criminals - we should be executing them!"
― Lieutenant Reljik


Lieutenant Reljik was a Peacekeeper officer assigned to Scorpius' command carrier. He openly opposed Scorpius' truce with Moya's crew, making no effort to hide his contempt for all of them, especially for Ka D'Argo. He had a distinguished career, having been decorated by Peacekeeper High Command on three occasions.

At one point, Reljik and a fellow officer deduced a plan to give the Luxan "a good scare." Using a crude weapon fitted with a saw, the other officer attacked D'Argo, eventually falling on it by accident and killing himself. Reljik tried to arrest D'Argo for this, but Scorpius overruled him, berating Reljik and warning him that he or any officers that threatened Moya's crew would be executed.

Reljik found some support in the arrival of Commandant Grayza. Grayza's lack of support for Scorpius and his wormhole project, as well as her views on what should be done with John Crichton and the rest of Moya's crew, were more in line with his, causing him to switch his allegiance to Grayza. As Grayza departed, she put up a front of telling the junior officer to follow Scorpius' orders. In reality, she passed him a comms device, allowing her to contact him directly. Grayza, hoping to remove Scorpius from command, noted her concern about his "safety." When Reljik noted that Crichton made Scorpius vulnerable through the I-Yensch bracelet, she stated in so many words that Reljik had her approval to take Crichton out.

Reljik took a group of soldiers after Crichton, confronting him in one of the carrier's generator rooms. Reljik attacked him, initiating a chase with jetpacks on both men, eventually reaching him near the top of the generator. Before Reljik could choke Crichton to death, Crichton pushed him off and into the generator, instantly killing him.


  • "Full immunity for escaped prisoners! It's frelling madness! We shouldn't be welcoming these criminals - we should be executing them!"
  • "How the frell can Scorpius allow that Luxan on board? Can't stand Luxans. Never could."
  • (About Scorpius' relieving of command): "I'm sure most of us here would fully approve of that action."



(2.20 "Into the Lion's Den - Lambs to the Slaughter")