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[[Category:Season 3 characters]]
[[Category:Season 3 characters]]

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Rinic Pralanoth
Pralanoth rules as best he can
First appearance (3.07 "Thanks for Sharing")
Last appearance (3.07 "Thanks for Sharing")
Gender Male
Species Kanvian (A Sebacean cousin species)
Affiliation Kanvian Sovereign Order
Age Deceased
Known Family Rinic Tolven (son), Rinic Sarova (daughter)
Portrayed by Robert Brunning

Rinic Pralanoth was the ruler of the planet Kanvia. Pralanoth unified the planet under a single government with himself as Head of State, his son as Minister of Security, and his daughter. He required artificial life support to supply him with oxygen for breathing. Pralanoth was killed when an imposter posing as his daughter removed the breathing tube from his neck.