The Nilaams

The results of the Ritual of Renewal

The Ritual of Renewal was a powerful ritual used by Luxan Oricans in order to turn their body's biological clock backwards by borrowing the energy of another being. This was an extremely dangerous ritual that required an incredible amount of energy to be given to the Orican by their attendant; the amount of energy required was enough to kill most Luxans. When the Orican died, the Ritual automatically ends and the attendant received all of the energy the Orican borrowed from them... provided they were still alive.

The Ritual of Renewal did not require the energy of a Luxan in order to be activated – although an Orican would likely not consider using any other creature. When the Orican Nilaam cast the Ritual of Renewal on Ka D'Argo and returned herself to youth, she accidentally reached through D'Argo to Moya and drew the necessary energy from the Leviathan instead of from D'Argo himself... and even Moya proved not to have enough energy to uphold the Ritual for long.


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