He just wants the girl
First appearance 1.14 ("Jeremiah Crichton")
Last appearance 1.14 ("Jeremiah Crichton")
Species Acquaran, presumably Sebacean
Known Family Neera (mother)
Portrayed by Kevin Copeland
"I am first among the hunters."
― Rokon

Rokon was an Acquaran hunter, the first of all the hunters, and the son of priestan Neera. He had feelings for Lishala, whose affection he felt were challenged by the unexpected and accidental arrival of John Crichton. Pressured by his mother, who hoped her son would marry Lishala and succeed Kato-Re as the village's Grondeer or chief, as well as his affection for Lishala, Rokon tried to eliminate Crichton as a potential suitor.

The arrival of Ka D'Argo, however, saved Crichton's life and Rokon reported the arrival of the frightening alien to the rest of the village, causing a hostile response. The discovery of Rygel's place as the Masata, a type of savior according to Acquaran beliefs, changed the situation. Though Crichton insisted that Rygel was not their savior and that there was actually a device that was responsible for the Acquarans' lack of technology, Rokon was reluctant to believe them. Urged by his mother, Rokon and his men scuffled with D'Argo and John, during which John almost literally stumbled upon the device he had been looking for. Using Rygel to deactivate the device allowed Rokon and the Acquarans to finally see the truth. With their centuries-long unseen oppression from the Hynerian Empire over, Crichton bid the Acquarans farewell, and Rokon promised to him that he would take care of Lishala.


  • (To John): You know you'll never go home. Not from Aquara.
  • (To John): I know you do not mean to be an enemy, but you interfere with our ways.


  • Ben Browder jokes in the commentary for "Jeremiah Crichton" that one of the episode's first mistakes is that Crichton is supposed to compete romantically with someone as attractive as Rokon, a concept he finds amusing.


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