Rovhu was a female transport leviathan who was captured by the Peacekeepers and locked in a control collar. Under the command of her Pilot, Rovhu was sent to transport the criminally insane, the worst of these being Kaarvok, who broke out of his holding cell and captured the Peacekeepers on board. However, instead of killing them, Kaarvok instead used a device that was attached to his arm to create an orb around each one that 'twinned' them, creating exact duplicates – neither one the 'original' or the 'copy' – that he could use as a food source. Once they were cloned more than a few times, the clones mentality started deteriorating, resulting in the entire ship degenerating into a collection of cannibals that could barely communicate with anyone.

Over an unknown number of cycles, the cloned Peacekeepers – dubbed the Xarai by Kaarvok – ate everything available on Rohvu, ranging from each other to Pilot's arms (replenishing stock as they grew back) to the Leviathan herself, leaving Rohvu barely alive. Over time, the Leviathan ended up in the Uncharted Territories.

John Crichton, Ka D'Argo, Chiana, and Jool discovered Rovhu when their transport pod experience mechanical difficulties and they were forced to land inside the Leviathan. During the subsequent encounter with Kaarvok and his brood, Kaarvok killed the Pilot and twinned D'Argo and Chiana (killing a copy of each). Crichton, using his knowledge of Moya's systems, caused Rovhu to enter starburst which, due to her control collar, resulted in Rovhu breaking up and dying. (The Moya crewmates escaped with seconds to spare, accompanied by a newly created twin of Crichton.) ("Eat Me")

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