Commander Ryymax
Ryymax is a cautious man.
First appearance (1.2 "I, E.T.")
Last appearance (1.2 "I, E.T.")
Gender Male
Species Denean
Affiliation Denean military
Vehicle of Choice Fossil-fueled military vehicle
Portrayed by Boris Brkic


Commander Ryymax was a Denean military officer. He was sent to the area near Lyneea's home to investigate a crashed U.E.O. that had been spotted by the Mount Versant Observatory.

Ryymax had worked previously with Lyneea, having investigated similar sightings in the past and was familiar with her work searching for extraterrestrial life. He visited her shortly after the arrival of Moya at Denea and not long after Lyneea and her son Fostro had made contact with the alien John Crichton. Talking to her, Ryymax noticed a change in her demeanor. Where she had been excited before when she had first contacted him, he now noticed that she was nervous.

Ryymax's investigation soon paid off when his forces found and captured Ka D'Argo. Crichton, worried what might happen to his shipmate by Ryymax and his forces, had Lyneea fool Ryymax using a transmission he had earlier received from Pilot. Lyneea showed Ryymax the transmission and claimed that it had come from Akon's Field, a location in the opposite direction of the swamp where Moya rested. Ryymax led a team there to search for the alien ship, allowing Crichton and D'Argo to escape.


  • There is definitely something out here Lyneea. Civilians have seen it. This is the day you prove all of us who doubted you wrong.
  • (About D'Argo): We found him less than half a milon from here. Look at him! He's phenomenal!



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