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The Leviathan burial grounds

The sacred Leviathan burial space was a remote corner of space, the location of which was closely guarded by all Leviathans (although it was eventually discovered by the brilliant Kalish Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu). It was the place to which Leviathans went to die, and was also the place where live Leviathans took their dead for burial.

Moya came to this sacred ground to bury the remains of her offspring, Talyn, who had destroyed himself to save his friends and his mother. Although Moya believed that the nobility of his sacrifice made him worthy of burial in the sacred space, another Leviathan did not see eye to eye with her on this, and attacked her in an attempt to stop her from completing her mission. Moya fought back, and begged her passengers to destroy the deranged Leviathan before she could scatter Talyn's remains; Ka D'Argo agreed to do so, and destroyed the Leviathan with his ship, Lo'La. Jool and Chiana supervised the disposal of Talyn's remains, while Rygel delivered a eulogy, declaring that Talyn was a credit to both of his species ("Dog with Two Bones").

Crichton later spent a long period of time in the area aboard the dying Leviathan Elack. ("Crichton Kicks")