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Salis is always cool and calm
First appearance (1.15 "Durka Returns")
Last appearance (1.15 "Durka Returns")
Nickname(s) Elvis
Gender Male
Species Nebari
Affiliation The Establishment
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Tiriel Mora
"When I was your age, I was focused on what I could do to fit in. Not stand apart."
― Salis to Chiana


Salis was a member of the Nebari Establishment and at one point the captor of Chiana. Salis boarded Moya with prisoner Chiana and a mind cleansed Selto Durka after their ship collided with the Leviathan. Salis calmly explained the danger that their prisoner posed and that they would need accommodations until a Nebari host ship arrived to pick them up.

Salis' deceased body lies on the ground

The crew were disturbed by the mind-cleanse as well as Salis' treatment of Chiana in which he used a device on his temple linked to a collar she wore to inflict pain upon her. They agreed, however, to rendezvous with the Nebari ship. Things soon took a downturn when Rygel, wanting revenge against his tormentor Durka, attempted to kill him with a bomb, inadvertently breaking the mental cleansing. Though Rygel tried to warn his crew mates, few were willing to believe him after his murder attempt. Soon thereafter, Chiana escaped. As the crew searched for her, Salis was attacked and killed. Whether his murderer was Durka or Chiana was unknown.


  • (To John): You crippled our ship. Endangered our lives. Disrupted our plans. Are you now the arbiter of our justice system, as well?
  • (To John): Have you ever been stung by the Watruka plant? They too present an intriguing exterior.
  • (To Chiana): When I was your age, I was focused on what I could do to fit in. Not stand apart.
  • We have no war ships. One of our standard host vessels engaged the Zelbinion. Much like the one coming for us.

Background information[]

  • Salis' appearance was based on the first season's director of photography, Craig Burden, who had an Elvis-style haircut. Crichton even made a reference to Elvis. Lesley Vanderwalt, the make-up supervisor, commented that they "ended up with a black and white version of Craig." (Farscape: The Illustrated Companion, "Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v1.3)
  • Whether Chiana killed Salis was intentionally left ambiguous and O'Bannon noted "whether she did it or not was irrelevant, it was merely the ambiguity that was the point in terms of her character, to make her potentially dangerous and someone we weren't sure of. It was something we were doing with all the characters, including Zhaan who seemed the most benign of all. [...] Every character in the show had a dark side. They are not necessarily evil, but they certainly have their dark sides and their secrets." ("Farscape Chronicles" - Starburst Edition DVD v1.3)