Salvatore Coco
Stars Salvatore coco
Sal head shot
Birth name Salvatore Coco
Born April 22, 1975
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Other name(s) Sal
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Salvatore Coco is an actor who plays Voodi on Farscape.


Salvatore (Sal) Coco began his career in 1991 by appearing in several television series. He guest-starred in the acclaimed mini-series Brides of Christ" and the second series of "Police Rescue".

Well known for his role as the witty wise guy, schoolyard entrepreneur Con Bordino in the successful television series "Heartbreak High" Sal made his Italian parents proud with his first full-time acting job. After being part of the Heartbreak family for over two years, Sal was cast as Joseph Cardillo the new rookie in the fifth and final series of "Police Rescue". His character was a spontaneous, energetic and charming cop that wanted recognition on the squad.

Since his early years with Australian Theater for Young People and very first role on the ABC television series "G.P" under the direction of Peter Andrikidis, Sal was hit with the acting bug and has developed into an all round performer. Among his talents are singing, guitar, dance and cabaret performer. Not only does Sal sing, dance, and act he has perfected his culinary skills by becoming a qualified Chef and is currently taking Salsa classes as a hobby.

This diverse and versatile performer has also starred in numerous other high-profile series such as Hal McElroy's "Water Rats" and Gannon/Jenkin's "Wild side". His feature film credits prior to his lead role as the well-meaning if deluded Joey Grasso in Shirley Barrett's "Walk the Talk" include roles in Melina Marchetta's outstanding "Looking for Alibrandi", Dein Perry's "Boot men" and Gregor Jordon's award-winning "Two Hands".

"Walk the Talk" is an Australian comedy, set on the Queensland Gold Coast that focuses on the character Joey Grasso, a wide-eyed optimistic talent agent fueled entirely by self-help manuals and "follow your dreams" type seminars. His goal is to revive the career of a faded club singer although along the way he gets embroiled in a series of comical situations which result in a short term set back for Joey.

The role of Joey Grasso was written with Salvatore in mind by "Walk the talks" writer and director, Shirley Barrett.

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  • In 1995 Dolly/Cover Girl Elle Wright had a surprise when Sal Coco was secretly asked to attend the finals night which she won.
  • He is of Italian descent.


  • "Peace of mind comes from concentrating on what you have, not what's missing. The less you worry about winning. The better you will perform."

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