Skin colorGreen, brown
First Appearance"Back and Back and Back to the Future"
DistinctionsSpiked protrusions on top of head[1]

Scorvians were a roughly Sebaceanoid species who appeared to have reptilian features.

Scorvians had a species-specific attack in hand-to-hand combat called the neural strike.[2]

History Edit

Many cycles before their war with the Ilanics, the Scorvians attacked a number of Luxan border worlds without provocation, prompting a response from the Luxan military. This was Ka D'Argo's second battle campaign.[1]

Ilanic/Scorvian War Edit

According to Ilanic reports, three cycles before Moya's escape from Peacekeeper control, the Scorvians slaughtered two million Ilanic civilians in a completely unprovoked attack on an outlying colony. Thus began a war with massive casualties and no end in sight. As enemies to the Ilanics, Scorvians were also enemies of the Luxans, blood allies to the Ilanics for a millennium. [2]

Scorvian Tactics Edit

Scorvians could alter themselves to appear Ilanic, probably through genetic surgery. The altered Scorvians were used for espionage and sabotage missions against the Ilanics. This was seen when one Scorvian appeared Ilanic named Matala and tried to steal a prototype singularity weapon of Ilanic design.[2]



According to the Farscape Roleplaying Game by Alderac Entertainment, their home world was Scorvia and when the Ilanics encountered them, they had advanced to the point of building primitive space stations, but had not achieved interstellar travel. Since the war began, the Scorvians established colony worlds, bolstering their numbers. Scorvians considered trickery and deception perfectly acceptable methods of establishing power over another.

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