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[[New Moon of Delvia]]
[[New Moon of Delvia]]
[[The Flax]]
[[The Flax (Technology)|The Flax]]

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Episode List

1.1 Premiere

1.2 I, E.T.

1.3 Exodus from Genesis

1.4 Throne for a Loss

1.5 Back and Back and Back to the Future

1.6 Thank God It's Friday... Again.

1.7 PK Tech Girl

1.8 That Old Black Magic

1.9 DNA Mad Scientist

1.10 They've Got a Secret

1.11 Till The Blood Runs Clear

1.12 Rhapsody in Blue

1.13 The Flax

1.14 Jeremiah Crichton

1.15 Durka Returns

1.16 A Human Reaction

1.17 Through The Looking Glass

1.18 A Bug's Life

1.19 Nerve

1.20 The Hidden Memory

1.21 Bone To Be Wild

1.22 Family Ties


Editor's Note: All Commerce Planets will be numbered according to chronological order. Some planet names were fabricated for classification purposes and are labeled with a *.

Commerce Planet 01


Drak Swarm



Zelbinion Wreckage

Commerce Planet 02



New Moon of Delvia

The Flax


Gammak Base

Botany Asteroid

Asteroid Field

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