First appearance "Resistance is Useless"
Last appearance "Divided We Stand"
Gender Male
Species Zenetan
Affiliation Independent; United Uncharted Territories forces

Bio[edit | edit source]

Selrin was an independent ship captain, longtime associate, and uncertain friend of the bounty hunter Roiin. He and Roiin had a history, Selrin having sold Roiin his ship Amora, which Roiin renamed Dorvala.

Some of the encounters between the two seemed to be contentious, as both believed they had killed the other at one time. Roiin continued to believe Selrin had died on the planet Gaboran until Selrin contacted him during the War for the Uncharted Territories. Selrin and 49 other ships, all survivors of the Kkore invasion and onslaught, gathered together and traveled to the Falaman System where new Peacekeeper Commandant Aeryn Sun had invited any refugees there as a safe haven.

En route, Selrin managed to reach Roiin as well as Sun's shipmate Chiana who was traveling with Roiin. He invited them to join their growing ragtag fleet.

Their flotilla reached the Falaman System in the midst of a Kkore attack, quickly assisting the allied forces of the Uncharted Territories in fighting the Kkore forces and helping the combined fleet to survive until a joint Luxan/Scorvian force arrived to win the battle for the allies. Selrin joined several other ship captains aboard Moya to discuss the allies' next strategy against the Kkore.

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