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Inside a Shadow Depository

Shadow Depositories are heavily fortified installations designed for the mass storage. Located on planets across the Uncharted Territories, Shadow Depositories are typically utilized by criminals, be they pirates or corrupt politicians, as depository owner/administrators maintain a very strict policy of secrecy.


As John Crichton observed in his notes, "A Shadow Depository's defenses make Fort Knox look like a house of cards." They are heavily defended with automated guns, motion detectors, and ample guards who scan everyone and everything. Inner doors are code locked, and these codes are changed frequently. All activity within the facility is overseen from the observation room, a nerve center containing monitors and guards. The guards themselves are trained military professionals.

The exterior of a Shadow Depository


Access to the vaults is regulated from the Depositing Room. There, customers are assigned codes based on genetics that allow them to open only their own containers, and eliminating any further confusion. On average, a depository will have about 30,000 containers, and the entire vault is comprised of Maddium steel.