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General Shele
First appearance "Resistance is Useless"
Last appearance "Talkin' Kkore Blues"
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Navy


General Shele was an officer in the Hynerian Navy and a prominent commander during the War for the Uncharted Territories. He led many of the remaining Hynerian military forces to the Falaman System when Peacekeeper Commandant Aeryn Sun invited all remaining forces of the Uncharted Territories to gather there as a refuge from the Kkore's invasion.

Shele worked with Sun in gathering all surplus weapons in the gathered array of Uncharted forces, setting up an armory on Falaman II. One of Shele's underlings, Frobin, attempted to lead a coup against Commandant Sun, but Shele was aware of Frobin's treachery and helped prevent Frobin's plan before the latter could carry it out.

His forces fought in the First Battle of the Falaman System against the initial Kkore forces. Though the combined allied fleet suffered heavy losses, Shele was among those to survive.

Shele later met with the other military leaders aboard Moya to plan their next strategy against the Kkore. Shele felt that the allies' victory against the Kkore, what they considered to be the first true major victory against the Kkore by any forces in the Uncharted Territories or surrounding space, was something to be celebrated. He noted that it was the first battle he had seen against the Kkore that had lasted longer than an arn. In spite of his positive declaration, Shele felt they had no chance against a second, larger Kkore fleet when it was detected. The arrival of the Delvians and the successful implementation of their Dej-Wah technique, however, changed the fortunes of the allied forces.

Shele's fleet participated in the decisive Second Battle of the Falaman System where the allied ships destroyed the large Kkore fleet and killed Kkore Supreme Commander Ddan-Myr.