A shield belt was portable shielding device worn like a belt by the user, the shield belt is activated by pulse weapon fire and once it is active it protects the user against virtually all types of damage. However, the shield belt deactivates after a period of time to save power, unless it is hit by additional pulse fire, and once inactive it will not protect against thermal or kinetic damage (i.e. fire or rocks).

While on a supposedly uninhabited planet, D'Argo, John Crichton, Chiana, Rygel, Noranti and Sikozu discovered a robbery in progress of a Tarkan stronghold. The thieves utiliszed Tarkan shield belts which made them impervious to the crew's attacks. However, it was demonstrated that when the shield belts were inactive, the thieves were unprotected against fire and rocks. Crichton and D'Argo bludgeoned two of the thieves over the head with rocks in order to acquire their shield belts.

John Crichton used a Tarkan shield belt to rescue an encased Rygel from a pool of molten lava. Because the belt was not triggered by the effects of lava, Crichton had to repeatedly shoot himself with Winona (his pulse pistol) in order to keep the shield active.

The crew of Moya was given a Tarkan shield belt by a group of Tarkan Freedom Fighters, in exchange for protecting their stronghold of valuables from thieves. This belt was used to great effect several times afterwards.

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