Farscape Encyclopedia Project
First appearance 4.12 "Kansas"
Last appearance 4.13 "Terra Firma"
Gender monogendered (all-female species)
Species Unknown
Affiliation Independant Bounty Hunter / Assassin
Age Unknown

Green human-sized bipeds with exposed gums and teeth and insect-like features on the arms and legs, Skreeths have the ability to camouflage themselves with an invisibility shroud when they stay completely still. Skreeths can read minds; that is, conduct interrogations without speech while in physical contact with a subject. They can communicate telepathically over many lightyears through a symbiotic link with a small creature called a Larnapse that is placed on the forehead of a third party. The third party retains no memory of the communication. Skreeths originate in Tormented Space, but their homeworld is unknown. They are highly agile and move with incredible speed. The one Skreeth observed to date was used as a spy and assassin.


Commandant Grayza used a Skreeth to observe John Crichton and the crew of Moya, and if the opportunity presented itself, the Skreeth was instructed to kill Crichton and the crew but was unsuccessful, although she did kill "DK" and his wife.