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Emperor Staleek
Farscape Staleek.jpg
First appearance "We're So Screwed - Hot to Katratzi"
Last appearance Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Nickname(s) Emperor Sleestack (John Cricthon)
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Vehicle of Choice Decimator
Weapon of Choice Heat projection,
Portrayed by Duncan Young

Emperor Staleek was the leader of the Scarran Empire at the time of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War.

His ascension to the throne was facilitated by his assassination of his predecessor, the father of his War Minister Ahkna. During the Peacekeeper/Scarran War, Staleek announced his intention to have Ahkna succeed him.

Staleek was first encountered by John Crichton while holding a conference at the secret moon of Katratzi. Crichton was there under the guise of selling the wormhole technology to the highest bidder. When Crichton escaped with Scorpius and severely damaged the Katratzi base, Staleek ordered Captain Pennoch to Earth, as he learned that the planet contained a large supply of the Crystherium Utilia flower, vital to the Scarrans' power. Pennoch's mission failed and his ship was destroyed by Crichton and Aeryn Sun.

In the following months, Staleek, now certain that the Peacekeepers did not have wormhole technology, declared war. 

During the Peacekeeper/Scarran incident, Staleek traveled on his flagship, Decimator, and managed to capture Crichton at Arnessk. He was also at the battle over Qujaga where Crichton unleashed the wormhole weapon and forced the two sides to make peace. Staleek's reluctance to agree to peace went further than Grayza's, however as the Decimator was doomed if Crichton didn't shut it off he finally agreed through gritted teeth to work out a peace treaty. He later put his seal to the treaty, simultaneously with Grayza, in a ceremony aboard Moya

Some time after the war, Scorpius arrived at the Scarran homeworld with a Kkore fleet in tow, and Staleek was forced to acquiesce to his demands, the complete subjugation of the Scarran Imperium to the Kkore.




  • Duncan Young first plays a Scarran named Axikor in the episode "I Shrink, Therefore I Am", a Scarran of the ruling class order and the first Scarran seen belonging to that order. As a result of seeing how well Young handled the make-up, producers cast him as Staleek and altered his voice in the earlier episode. He also plays a Diagnosan in "Twice Shy".