Planet of originKanvia
Height of average adult0.5'
Average length0.5 - 1.0', twice that with tail
Average wingspanN/A
Skin colorWhitish-greyish-blue
Hair colorN/A
Feather colorN/A
First Appearance(3.07 "Thanks for Sharing")
DistinctionsExtreme sensitivity to lies. Can be trained.

A Stranit was a creature used on Kanvia to ascertain whether someone is telling the truth or not. Stranits could sense brainwave patterns and were particularly sensitive to the nervous wave changes (aka cognitive dissonance) that beings produced when they lied; furthermore, Stranits possessed a barbed tail and could be easily trained to kill those they sensed lying. An extremely disciplined mind could fool a Stranit and speak lies without danger.

A Stranit was used by the Rinic family of Kanvia to ascertain whether John Crichton was planning to destroy them or not. It killed the son of the ruler of Kanvia. ("Thanks for Sharing")

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