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T.R. Holt
Holt is unsure if Moya's crew is a threat.
First appearance (4.13 "Terra Firma")
Last appearance (4.13 "Terra Firma")
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation United States of America
Portrayed by Geoff Morrell


T.R. Holt is a government official in charge of overseeing the Moya's crew during their visit on Earth. He works solely for the interest of the US government as he tries his best to convince John and his father to let the US monopolizes on alien tech and Project Farscape so the US can have competitive advantages against other superpowers like China and Russia.

Much like the behavior of the US government after 9/11, he wants to impound alien techs so terrorists and foreign powers would not use them against the US.

After Jack reveals that Project Farscape will be shared to the rest of the world, Holt and the rest of the US officials only watch in displeasure. He is last seen calling Jack to let their scientists to carry weaponry during Project Farscape expedition but it is rejected.