Farscape Encyclopedia Project
First appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Last appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Gender Female
Species Delvian
Known Family Tuzak (father)
Weapon of Choice Unity
Portrayed by Kate Raison

Tahleen was a Delvian Pa'u and the leader of a group of missionaries based on the New Moon of Delvia. Originally led by her father Tuzak, Tahleen's group resisted the Delvian government and their Peacekeeper allies, traveling to an isolated planet where they could develop their mental powers to eventually use as a weapon. They progressed too quickly, however, and Tuzak went insane, leading to Tahleen's rise as the sect's leader.

Needing a way to prevent the rest of her followers from suffering her father's fate, Tahleen used her powers to lure Moya and her passenger Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan to the New Moon. After Moya arrived, Tahleen explained her dilemma to Zhaan, tempting her with her own powers, such as memory alteration, hoping to convince the former leading anarchist to use her knowledge and wisdom to help them safely develop their abilities. Zhaan agreed to help. While she and Tahleen shared Unity, however, Tahleen forcibly took more knowledge than Zhaan had intended, believing she didn't have time to wait for Zhaan to share at her own pace. This had the side effect of bringing Zhaan's dark impulses out of her control, driving her to the brink of insanity. Knowing that she would still need Zhaan to keep her stolen powers under control, Tahleen had her followers prevent Zhaan's crew mates from helping her, distracting them with hallucinations that neutralized their effectiveness. She also confronted her father, believing his separate beliefs and voice could challenge her position, and killed him.

Unknown to Tahleen, however, Zhaan's crew mate John Crichton shared Unity with her, allowing her to reign in her negative emotions by using Crichton's image of her trained self to re-establish the training Tahleen had taken from her, and advance to a tenth-level Pa'u. When Tahleen returned to the temple, Crichton was destroying the building's sacred root. She attempted to stop him by destroying his mind, but Zhaan stopped her with her new abilities, her tenth-level status allowing her to protect Crichton's mind from external attack. With Tahleen powerless and no way to stop her coming insanity, Zhaan told her that, with Tuzak dead, Tahleen would need to tend the orchard.


  • Salutations. I apologize for the deceit, but there was no other way our signal could reach across the void. And we so want to meet you, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan.
  • It's always instructive how different cultures view the same reality. Where a Peacekeeper sees defense from attack, we see solitude for piety.
  • We always remember, Zhaan. We simply choose to ignore.
  • Even now insanity creeps upon me. But rather than sit idly by, tending trees that will not grow, I take action. For myself, and for my homeland.