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First appearance (2.09 "Out of Their Minds")
Last appearance (2.09 "Out of Their Minds")
Gender Male
Species Halosian
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Halosian vessel
Weapon of Choice Acidic vomit
Portrayed by Thomas Holesgrove, Voice of Nicholas McKay


Tak was a Halosian Lord and the superior to Yoz aboard the vessel Halos-1. The leader of his ship, Tak was always trying to find ways to "evolve" or move up in rank by destroying hostile targets according to his people's code. It was for this reason that he attacked Talyn when he encountered the ship, in spite of Captain Crais' insistence that they were peaceful travelers. Talyn easily defeated Halos-1, killing 30 of the ship's crew, but spared the ship in spite of their attack before moving on. When Tak and Yoz detected another Leviathan in the area, they believed that Talyn had merely been an advance for this one, Moya. Luring Moya to them by "playing possum", Tak and Yoz learned from crew member Zhaan, who had boarded to help them, that Moya was unarmed, making Tak believe that they were an easy target. His first attack, however, failed when Moya activated her salvaged defense screen, making Tak believe that they may not have been as unarmed as Zhaan claimed them to be. Needing a way around the screen, Tak boarded Moya under the pretense that he was inspecting the ship to determine if they were indeed peaceful and not a threat. His true mission, however, was to sabotage Moya's defense screen. While touring the ship, Tak began to act sick, vomiting near one of Moya's systems. The vomit, however, was more than it appeared to be, oozing on its own onto Moya's electronic systems and shorting out the screen. Back aboard his ship, Tak tried to seize the opportunity and fired again, but the crew of Moya had managed to make quick repairs and had the screen partially operation once again, saving the ship. In spite of failing twice, Tak continued to press on. Yoz, however, had been convinced by Zhaan that Tak not worthy of being her captain after so much defeat. Yoz attacked and killed Tak and usurped his place as Lord of the vessel.


  • No weapons? Destroy their ship!
  • Arr! Defense screen... still work! But I... not fail! I ram Moya!