Analysis & Speculation (non-canon)[edit source]

On the unforgiving Royal cemetery planet high levels of an unnamed form of radiation, in the subterranean network of caves where the Clansmen live, have given rise to two parallel cultures among an unnamed Sebaceanoid species: the Clansmen and the so-called Lost Ones.

The Clansmen are those young people, under the maximum age of 22 cycles who have not yet completed the ritual of "Taking the Stone." They inhabit the network of caves that apparently underlie much of the planet's surface, and where the radiation is the most intense. The Lost Ones are those that have aged past 22 cycles, refused to undergo the said ritual, and have begun to suffer from the negative effects of the radiation, and therefore exiled from the community to the lower levels of the caves.

It is unclear whether the radiation levels are lower or higher in the lower caves, but in either case, the Lost Ones die sooner or later as a result of possibly either radiation poisoning itself or the cancers that likely result thereof. It is also unclear what the eventual life expectancy is for a member of the Lost Ones after they leave the Clansmen.

While little is known about the Clansmen and/or Lost Ones culture apart from what is seen in the episode, (2.03 "Taking the Stone"). It is likely that the ceremonial form of "Taking the Stone" arose as a conscious response to impose a form of order to defy the chaotic ravages of the radiation. This may imply that the arrival of the radiation was rapid, perhaps occurring in the course of a single generation, and that the new ritual was created as a means of defying the feelings of powerlessness that arose as a result of dramatically shortened lifespan. It is also possible that the ceremonial form arose in the midst of a pre-existing culture that addressed the problem of short life-spans in a different way. Without further data, these are only two of many possibilities.

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