First appearance (1.06 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Last appearance (1.06 "Thank God It's Friday... Again)
Gender Female
Species Sykaran
Known Family Hybin (father)
Weapon of Choice Insurgency
Portrayed by Tina Thomsen

Tanga was a Sykaran resistance fighter. She belonged to a minority of Sykarans which had a natural immunity to the effects of the tannot root and as a result did not feel its bliss-inducing effects. Sykarans immune to the root, either naturally or through the use of a Sykaran worm, were considered criminals by the Sykaran government and hunted down and executed for it. Because of this, Tanga, along with her father Hybin, was part of the resistance movement in opposition to her leaders.

With the arrival of Moya to Sykar, Tanga and her colleagues saw a potential opportunity. After passing a cryptic message to Moya's human crew member John Crichton, Tanga had her people forcibly insert the worm into his body to protect him from the root's effect. She and her father later explained their dire situation. Tanga, knowing that time was growing short for her ever weakening father, pleaded with Crichton to seek help for her planet and bring back soldiers and weapons to help them fight.

Crichton's eventual solution proved to be just as effective when he and his crewmates Aeryn Sun and Rygel demonstrated the root's real purpose: a chemical for weapons manufacturing for the Peacekeepers. Finally aware of the truth, the Sykarans united and vowed to oppose their oppressors, allowing Tanga, her father, and their companions to reveal themselves freely.


  • Listen to me. No matter what happens. No matter what you hear. You must stay.
  • (Subtly threatening Crichton with a knife): Well, hello! How nice to see you again. Come, join us for a drink.
  • If they know you are immune, they will kill you.
  • You have a ship. You can find someone out there who can help us. Bring us weapons. Fight beside us. The tannot is killing my planet. Destroying my people. We can't survive like this any longer.



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