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Tauvo Crais
Tauvo Crais is all geared up.
First appearance "Premiere" (killed, but not seen); "That Old Black Magic" (image created Maldis)
Last appearance "That Old Black Magic"
Species Jjaal-Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Deceased
Known Family Elann Crais (father), Wimmah Crais (mother), Captain Bialar Crais (brother)
Vehicle of Choice Prowler
Portrayed by Wadih Dona

Tauvo Crais grew up on a Jjaal-Sebacean farming colony on the planet Prybella, before being drafted by the Peacekeepers along with his older brother Bialar. Both brothers quickly moved up the ranks and Tauvo became a Prowler pilot assigned to his brother's command carrier.

While assisting in the capture and return of the escaped Leviathan prison ship, Moya, Tauvo's Prowler was struck by the Farscape-1 Module after it exited a wormhole and was sent hurdling into an asteroid.

Blaming Crichton, the pilot of the "white death pod," for his brother's demise, Bialar vowed he would one day make Crichton pay for the "murder" of his beloved brother.


  • Aaaah!!!
  • Officer Tauvo Crais reporting. It's an honor to be on board, sir. Captains' bars suit you, my brother.


  • In "Premiere" Tauvo is unseen but intrinsic to the plot. He dies in the first three minutes when John accidentally hits his Prowler with Farscape-1.