Scorpius' tormentor
First appearance (3.11 "Incubator")
Last appearance (3.11 "Incubator")
Gender Female
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Empire
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Amy Salas

Tauza was a Scarran female stationed on a Scarran Dreadnought in charge of Scorpius' training as a child. She deceived Scorpius by telling him that his father was a Sebacean who raped his Scarran mother. However, the opposite was true. Scorpius's mother, Rylani Jeema Dellos, was raped by a Scarran, and used as an experimental subject to determine if Sebaceans could be used as birthing stock.

In her instruction of Scorpius, Tauza's intent was to train Scorpius to overcome the limitations of weak hybrid body due to his Sebacean traits. She appeared to believe that the inherent strength of his Scarran will could overcome his discomforts of bodily conflict. Her failure was that she was too successful. Her instructions in cunning and in the ability to overcome pain, allowed Scorpius to escape Tauza's grasp.

After Scorpius' escape, Tauza hunted him for what appears to have been many years. By inferring that Scorpius would require a cooling suit, Tauza tracked his movements and eventually concluded that once he discovered the truth of his parentage he would return to where his mother was captured. When Scorpius eventually did as she predicted, she was ready and recaptured her wayward pupil. Returned to her instruction Tauza told Scorpius that she lied about his parentage to make him hate Sebaceans. Tauza told him that the mating process fractured his mother's fragile psyche, and during the gestation period she pleaded for death. But because his birth was difficult, it was actually Scorpius that caused her death. In 90 other such matings, both the female and her offspring perished, but they saved only Scorpius to see if Sebacean genetics could serve them, but that they now realize that they are useless, even as breeding stock; the Sebacean race will eradicated. In the end, Scorpius managed to trick Tauza yet again, this time killing her but shoving his own broken cooling rods into her eyes and then lowering the room's temperature to freezing.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"You pathetic infant, never use that word ("Please") to me again!" (slams a young Scorpius to the floor hard)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tauza's exact rank is unknown, as she seems to bear the physical traits of both warrior and ruling caste scarrans. However, it can be assumed that she is of a different caste of scarran altogether.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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