{{Infobox Character
| box_color  = Hexadecimal colour (EG: #FFFFFF, Default: #DEDEE2)
| name       = Name of the character
| image      = Image of the character
| caption    = Image caption
| first      = First appearance of the character
| last       = Last appearance of the character
| nickname   = Any character held nicknames
| gender     = Gender of the character (if not obvious)
| species    = Species of the character
| affiliation= Affiliation of the character
| age        = Age of the character
| romantic   = Romantic Associations
| family     = Known Family
| vehicle    = Vehicle of Choice
| weapon     = Weapon of Choice
| episode    = Number of episodes the character appeared
| actor      = Actor(s) playing the character

Box Colors

  • Default Box color = #DEDEE2
  • Moya's Crew box color = tan (all members of Moya's Crew should have 'tan' in the 'box_color)
  • Peacekeeper box color = red (all Peacekeepers should have 'red' in the 'box_color)
  • Scarran box color = #7CC576 (all Scarrans should have '#7CC576' in the 'box_color)
  • Delvian = #6DCFF6 (all Delvians should have '#6DCFF6' in the 'box_color)
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