Thonn opens up
First appearance (1.18 "A Bug's Life")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Marauder
Weapon of Choice Pulse rifle
Portrayed by Richard White
"I say we cut the odds and smoke 'em all. Right now."
― Thonn

Bio[edit | edit source]

Thonn was a Peacekeeper Special Ops commando and part of Captain Larraq's unit. Along with Larraq and six others, his unit was assigned to track down and capture an intellant virus for study by Peacekeeper scientists.

Thonn, like any good commando, is quite aggressive and quick to suspicion and judgment. He is also, however, rather laid back and easygoing. Like many of his fellow Peacekeepers later would be, he is attracted to Chiana when he first encounters her.

After a cycle of hunting the virus, and following the loss of four of the squad's members, they managed to capture and subdue the virus' host. On the way to a newly established Gammak Base, however, their Marauder suffered a cesium fuel leak. Fortunately, they encountered what they believed to be a Peacekeeper-controlled Leviathan. Larraq's surviving squad, including Thonn, boarded the Leviathan, Moya, planning to take it over in order to complete their mission. When they found themselves at a disadvantage, however, they were forced to make a compromise with the Leviathan's "captain".

With the Leviathan on its way to the Gammak Base, Thonn and squadmate Rhed loaded their cargo, the stasis unit with their virus-infected prisoner inside of it, onto the Leviathan. Thinking that whatever was inside the container must be valuable, the Leviathan captain's "servant" Chiana later opened it, unaware of its dangerous contents. As she and the Leviathan's Hynerian "prisoner" Rygel examined the unconscious prisoner, Thonn walked in on them. Examining the open container, Thonn was the first person on Moya to be infected by the virus. When Rhed arrived a moment later, the infected Thonn killed him before he could warn the others. In order to better hide, however, the virus didn't stay in Thonn for long, passing quickly to Chiana.

After the others realized that the virus was no longer in Thonn, he aided in the search of Moya for the virus, which the crew mistakenly believed had infected Rygel. When it later became evident that the virus has jumped into Larraq, Thonn did not hesitate to fire upon his captain. With Moya's crew, he searched the ship for Larraq, coming upon him after the infected captain had attacked Aeryn Sun. Face to face, Larraq proved to have the quicker draw, shooting and killing Thonn before he could fire.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Chiana): "You can get as close as you want, darling."

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